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As women age losing weight can be one of the most difficult things to deal with.....but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids—the building blocks of protein—within the genetic code. While you’re able to synthesize it, the majority of glutamine your body needs is manufactured in muscle cells to help the muscles work properly.  However, under stressful situations that women encounter during menopause-this amino acid is used up very quickly. The result? A demand for glutamine that’s higher than what your body can produce. 

The good news is, in my formulation Balance 3H+® Fit Gut, a significant amount of glutamine can be obtained in each scoop— to help enhance the loss of body fat, help strengthen the immune system, help support optimal muscle growth, and has shown to be particularly useful in keeping weight off by reducing cravings and giving your body more energy. 

If your overweight and menopausal, your body needs more glutamine than normal. If you don’t have enough in your system, the body breaks down muscle tissue to get the extra amino acid. When that happens, you start to lose muscle mass. By having enough glutamine in your body, you’re better able to lose weight, lose fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

In my practice, women who are taking Fit Gut, are able to drop those few extra pounds and keep their weight in check more easily than women who are not taking it. 


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Highlights of PrePhage

  • Has narrow host range – specific against Escherichia coli (E. coli)*
  • Commonly found in foods we consume
  • Enhances growth of good bacteria*
  • Does not cause gas or bloating*
  • Independent of environmental conditions
  • Effective in small doses*
  • Efficacious within hours*
  • Active in small and large intestines*

The inclusion of phages as prebiotics helps to:

  • Increase the survivability of probiotics*
  • Create more space for good bacteria by reducing counts of unwanted bacteria*
  • Provide a natural way to shift intestinal bacteria toward more beneficial organisms*

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