Dr. Siobhan Kealy has always had a passion for health and for helping women look at their overall wellness through many factors that influence the whole, healthy being. Educated in health and nutrition, Siobhan worked in this industry for many years, advising women about how to make proper food choices and develop an exercise structure in order to find the best way to lose weight and achieve optimum health. Over time, she became discouraged as she saw women return to her week after week, feeling defeated as their efforts weren’t paying off, either in the mirror or on the scale. She knew it was time to really get serious and find the answers that will help change women’s lives for the better, as they begin transitioning into their forty’s and experiencing changes to their bodies.

Dr. Kealy knew these women were following their weight loss plans and exercising regularly, and she wanted answers for them. At the same time Siobhan was dealing with her own female-related changes and was feeling  great compassion for these women. She set out researching the impact of hormones on our weight, and discovered that key imbalances contributes not only to a women’s inability to lose weight but also how the same imbalances affect our mood, sleep, skin, and other female-related issues that had always been dealt with separately through the medical community.

Dr. Kealy partnered with wellness entrepreneur Mitch Suss, CEO and Founder of New York Health and Wellness-Medical weight loss centers in Westchester NY that specializes in women’s health. Together they continued their research and facilitated studies that suggest the links between hormones, hunger, metabolism, and weight loss are undeniable. Additionally, DR Kealy discovered how stress can come from surprising places, that few of us can avoid in our Western culture. She learned about the impact that stress has on the same key hormone imbalance that causes the weight,  mood, and sleep issues and help develop a science-based hormone balancing program for women who struggle with weight loss. This multi-faceted approach helps women overcome these obstacles by creating the “correct” hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism. B3H+ focuses on balancing hormones such as cortisol, Leptin, ghrelin, thyroid, and insulin , which supports the perfect environment to boost your metabolism and burn fat. The program addresses the many barriers to losing weight, weight control and overall health-including insulin imbalance, female sex hormone imbalance, and the effects of stress in relation to cortisol. Also DR Kealy in her studies, has found that reducing inflammation is a critical second key component to weight loss. High levels of fat and imbalanced hormones puts your body in a state of stress. When that happens, your immune system kicks into action and increase inflammation and fat storage. B3H+ creates a favorable environment, which reduces inflammation and makes weight loss and fat burning possible.

Balance 3H Plus was born out of a need to fill the gaps between the weight loss industry, the hormone replacement industry, and the medical community. DR Kealy believes that women have the power to choose not to accept the symptoms commonly associated with aging as their reality. DR Kealy followed her passion of helping women live more healthfully, achieve fast and safe weight loss with long term control,  and enjoy the many health benefits that every superwomen deserves. A national brand is born!