Behind the Brand...A New Weight Loss Paradigm

Balance 3H Plus®, a new weight loss paradigm for women over 40 has left Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and other generic diet programs lagging behind! The current diet environment for weight loss is still rooted in the ‘calorie in, calorie out’, ‘eat less, exercise more’ Paradigm. It is time to bring the science of weight loss out of the dark ages and apply a new understanding of how hormones impact weight loss and metabolism.

This should be the perfect time for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and other generic diet companies to thrive. The U.S. is still one of the fattest nations on the planet with a third of the country considered dangerously overweight. Yet Weight Watchers, the 50 year old diet giant selling a slimmer, fitter America, has never looked so antiquated. The company said recently that its last two quarter revenues had plunged to its lowest point since 2010. Same for Jenny Craig, Nutri-System and other generic “one size fits all” diet programs.

So what happened? Instead of paying for a subscription to one of Weight Watchers signature support groups or learning how foods translate into ‘points’, Women seeking to shed a few pounds are looking, instead, to “ Hormones”, an exciting and new paradigm shift that has devastated one of the most iconic names in weight loss. 

Ladies: “It’s not your fault, it’s your hormones!"®

Being overweight is not a moral failure, it’s a complex problem with many physical and emotional factors. Current science clearly shows that balancing specific hormones and reducing overall inflammation in the body are critical to long term weight loss success. Weight loss is not about calorie counting but creating the “correct” hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism. Balance 3H Plus® focuses on balancing hormones such as cortisol, Leptin, ghrelin, thyroid and insulin, which support the perfect environment to boost your metabolism and burn fat. When we try to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, powerful evolutionary forces of hunger and metabolism come into play to maintain our body weight set point. The “eat less and exercise more” prescription merely addresses the symptoms of weight gain without fixing the real underlying cause. Weight gain, as we shall see, is not the consequence of the double sin of gluttony and lethargy but rather the cause. This is why we can’t achieve long-term weight loss and why we keep coming back to our natural body weight set point. Nature cannot be fooled! 

Balance 3H Plus® has changed the paradigm! In order to achieve lasting weight loss, you need to address the real hormonal cause of weight gain, so you can naturally move your body’s set point toward leanness. When you do this, the same evolutionary forces that now prevent you from successful weight loss will help you lose weight effortlessly. Balance 3H Plus® shows you how you can achieve lasting weight loss and prevent aging by working with nature-not against it!

The Balance 3H Plus® Story

Mitch Suss, founder and CEO, has always had a passion for health and for helping people look at their overall wellness through the many factors that influence the whole, healthy being. As a young man, his mother was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. As her primary caretaker, he watched her teeter back and forth between moments of pain, frustration and sadness, and moments of optimism and spiritual strength. “I was there with her and all of her emotional highs and lows until she passed” Mitch laments.

From that moment of time, it has become Mitch’s life mission to help people look and feel biologically younger and to live more vibrantly. Mitch spent most of his life struggling with weight issues and had to fight for good health. “The only thing you must do is to take care of your health, and never give up!”  Became Mitch’s mantra. The time he spent with his mother taught him how delicate and fleeting life could be. It showed him how to become a man with an open, compassionate heart and to explore deep, authentic connections with other women who he would love and care for later on in his life. Mitch has come to understand that all women desire an emotional understanding and open communication in relationships, but often struggle to find it. It was difficult for Mitch to talk about hormonal changes, especially when most women really don’t understand it. Many women over 40 develop “out of nowhere” muffin tops, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness at the thought of dieting forever just to stay lean. Mitch did not want this frustration and downward cycle of poor health to cloud over one more women. He began searching to find the keys to unlock the secrets of harmonious healthy-aging and the hidden causes of midlife weight gain, weight loss resistance, and hormonal havoc.

A medical weight loss center is born!

In 2015, Mitch opened Balance 3H Plus, medical weight loss center for women in Westchester, NY. He assembled a team of physicians and women’s weight loss experts whose mission was to get women to take back their health, while finding entirely new solutions for them to feel better in and about their bodies, end middle-age weight gain, and live younger longer.

Meet Dr. Siobhan Kealy

In Mitch's quest to find the best weight loss specialists in the country and assembling the best team of women’s health experts was a young, brilliant, and vibrant physician named Siobhan Kealy. Educated in hormone health and nutrition, Dr. Kealy worked in this industry for years, advising women about how to make proper food choices and devising customized fitness programs in order to find the best ways to lose weight and achieve optimal health. After spending time with hundreds of patients who come to Balance 3H Plus each year, Dr. Kealy realized that it was nearly impossible for menopausal women to lose that spare tire, kimono arms, or bat wings when your cortisol is too high or your thyroid has grounded to a halt. 

So Dr. Kealy, Mitch and his team of medical experts set out researching the impact hormones have on our weight, and discovered that key imbalances contribute not only to a women’s inability to lose weight but also how the same imbalances affect a women’s mood, sleep, skin, and other female-related issues that had always been dealt with separately through the medical community. This newly found partnership has led to the development of a patent-pending hormone balancing program that addresses many barriers to losing weight, weight control and overall health-including thyroid and insulin abnormalities, hormone imbalances, and inflammation that impacts your risk for every chronic disease including diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Balance 3H Plus® was born out of a need to fill the gaps between the weight loss industry, the hormone replacement industry, and the medical community.

Together, Mitch and Dr. Kealy, followed their passions of helping women to live a more vibrant, productive and healthy lifestyle, achieve safe, fast, and long term weight control and live younger longer.