The Impact of Hormones After Menopause

There are actually 3 hormones that make you lose weight, but how can you make them work for you? The good news is that these hormones are already being produced in your body, and all you need to do is balance them. With a little help your hormones will turn your body into an amazing, efficient, fat-burning machine.

Understanding these 3 hormones is the “secret ingredient” for non-resistant weight loss:

  1. Ghrelin – This hormone proves that starvation diets do not work. If you skip a meal, your ghrelin levels rise and create intense cravings, resulting in binging on fatty foods during your next meal.

  2. Leptin – This hormone signals to your brain when to stop eating. As you age leptin decreases and you often do not receive the proper signals to stop eating when you don’t need to anymore.

  3. Cortisol – This hormone makes your body hold onto fat around your mid-section when you’re faced with stress. Unfortunately, it will signal cravings of sweet and salty food for comfort during stressful times.

Balancing these 3 essential weight loss hormones is the key to quick, easy, and permanent weight loss. You will lose belly fat, feel less hungry, more satisfied, eliminate cravings, have more energy, and significantly improve your health.

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