Dr. Robi Ludwig: Your Best Age is Now!

As the author of the book Your Best Age is Now, I know how important it is to reboot your life, especially during midlife. For anyone looking to achieve feeling their best at any age, they not only need to do the right correctional emotional work, they also need to take better care of themselves, particularly when it comes to their health.

When our hormones are out of balance it can cause disturbing disruptions. Hormones are powerful chemicals in our bodies that keep our bodies functioning normally. The word hormone is derived from the Greek word hormo which means to set in motion.

Whether you are dealing with PMS or Menopause, hormones can affect everything from your weight, self-esteem, sex drive to your food cravings. These hormone fluctuations can get women to feel overwhelmed and like they are losing control of their lives.

Extensive research shows an association between decreased levels of estrogen causing everything from depression, anxiety and mood swings especially as a woman becomes peri-menopausal. And these symptoms can increase even further during menopause.

Other symptoms include:

- Foggy mind
- Hot flashes
- Memory lapses
- And headaches

Experts advise women to pay close attention to maintaining a healthy weight during this time, which means learning how to pay close attention to both your eating habits and exercise. While we may not be able to change our physiology, we can change our lifestyle. And this lifestyle change can have a favorable impact on our hormones. Even after menopause, there can be some level of reproductive hormones in the body which can cause some symptoms of depression, anxiety or mild ups and downs in mood, years beyond a woman’s last period.

The great news is there are a lot of things women can do to take back control of both their emotional life and health. There are answers for every woman at every stage. Women don’t need to be victimized by their fluctuating/decreasing hormones anymore. And for many the answer is in the diet, natural herbs and supplements they use.

For a growing number of ladies, Balance 3H Plus® Weight Loss Program is the logical next step for them to take in order to help them taking better care of themselves, their health and their bodies.

Balance 3H Plus® is a science-based metabolic breakthrough weight loss program which has helped many midlife women successfully address their weight loss goals while also helping them to feel like they are living their best life. The testimonials have been quite impressive! The women who have embraced this program, have rediscovered their sexy, healthy selves and are approaching their lives with a Joie De Vivre, living every moment like their Best Age is Now

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